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1. The analysis of phonological sound change of the borrowing Arabic words that have phonemes /gh/, /sh/ and /kh/ in the word form

here i have a writing relates to linguistic field, it is written to fulfill the assignment of Historical Linguistic course at Indonesia university of education

Chapter 1
1.1 Background
Human being is equipped by so many faculties to facilitate them in doing activity in this world. One of the faculties that has vital role in human life is that their ability to communicate.

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2. Dorothy parker – commentary for her thoughtful laughter essay

Dorothy parker’s writing of “Here We Are” play begins with introducing the main characters, the unnamed characters of “he” and “she”. Tough it is unnamed, I could distinctively see that the character of “he” refers to the groom while “she” refers to the bride. They are traveling to New York City on train as the new husband/wife spouse that is having their honeymoon at a posh hotel. They……

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